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submitted by Snader 2 weeks ago

Where's My Egg?

Help Mr. Penguin by guiding him with his egg to Ms. Penguin. Each level is a challenging puzzle with amazing enemies and problems. Cut through ice and guide your precious egg through increasingly challenging scenarios! And don't let your egg drop too hard!

Ms. Penguin lives in a secret home under the ice of the South Pole while Mr. Penguin brings surprise eggs to his misses. But there’s trouble. Enemies try to grab your egg and the ice is slippery. Mr. Penguin needs your help getting his eggs and presents to Ms. Penguin.

This game is inspired by Doki Doki Penguin Land

Available From:

Google Play

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submitted by Fryman 2 weeks ago

Galactic Pong

This is a game im working on, its intended for 2 people sharing a tablet

Simple shooter/pong game, contains a basic single player AI but the real fun comes from beating your friends.

Controls :
Player 1
Left Arrow - Move Left
Right Arrow - Move Right
Num1 - Shoot
Num2 - Shield
Num3 - EnergyBall

Player 2
Z - Move Left
X - Move Right
V - Shoot
B - Shield
N - Energy Ball

You take damage from other players bullets unless you are shielded, you can bounce the ball with your own bullets.
You collect energy when you bounce the ball which you spend on shooting
You do not need to bounce balls your own colour
The Yellow Ball will reset the field if its missed however it does alot more damage than player created balls.

***Bug Fixs***
Player could interfere with CPU by using player 2 controls
UI Updated to new version

Available From:

Available on the Amazon App Store
Available on Google Play Store for Android

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