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submitted by underdrummer 3 days ago

The 8th Night

A 2d scroll shooter with strategy elements.
Shoot spiders during the night to gain action points.
Spend action points during the safety of the daytime.
Action points allow you to search for helicopter parts and/or supplies.
Find supplies to gain a temporary combat advantage or gain more action points.
Keep watch to protect your stuff from getting stolen.
Find all 5 helicopter parts to get off the island of giant spiders!

Available From:

Version 1.0
Version 1.1 CSN
Version 1.1 FTP -

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submitted by sandav 2 weeks ago

Circle the aardvark in the back of the pickup truck

Circle the aardvarks in the back of the pickup trucks
Don't circle Otto von Bismarck
If you see orange spheres or purple-ish hearts, it's ok to circle those too
Once you get to level 5, you lose lives for aardvarks that time out before being circled

left-click and hold to draw.
don't release until a complete circle has been made
space-bar to toggle drawing (so your finger doesn't get tired of click-holding)
right-click to pause

If anybody knows how to bring up the onscreen keyboard so people can type their names for high-scores on phones and tablets (on the HTML platform), I'd love to know.

Available From:

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