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submitted by Supertino 5 days ago

EazyGadgets - Basic GUI

A simple GUI set, does not require any frame works works on all targets

1. Canvases
2. List boxes
3. Buttons
4. Text boxes
5. Spinners
6. Combo boxes
7. Sliders
8. Labels
9. Check Boxes
10. Message Boxes

Available From:

My Google drive

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submitted by Landon 1 week ago

(Fan Game) Mario: The return of Bowser

I really wanted to create a free exploration type platformer like metroid, So i decided while i code out the engine i also ended up doing a remake of the original NES metroid using nothing but mario sprites and playstyle. If you have a NES Metroid map handy you can easily navigate through this game, for the most part the maps, bosses and item locations are all the same.

This is technically the first time i've ever actually completed a game using monkey.

Controls: Arrows to move, Space to Jump, CTRL to fire.

Available From:

Play Here

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