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submitted by skid 3 days ago


hack of bananas.mak.gles20cube to test some smooth line shader code

steer with arrows, a and z for up and down

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submitted by silentshark 2 weeks ago


Increase your brain speed! Suitable for all ages, takes seconds to pick up!

Race against the clock to swipe in the direction of the faces' eyes.

Simply swipe in the same direction as each face is looking, and do this as quick as you can.

Clear the screen in 30 seconds? Well done.
20 seconds? That's really good.
15 seconds? That's exceptional!

Studies have shown that simple games such as Smart can help make you think and react faster. They can help with conditions such as slow processing speed, and enhance your visual manipulation skills and peripheral awareness.

Slow processing speed is often associated with dyslexia and other related difficulties such as weak short term or working memory. Games such as Smart can help with slow processing speed and build confidence (as well as being fun!)

Available From:

Smart on Google Play

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