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submitted by pit 1 day ago


You are a dung beetle invading a ant clony. These ants randomly roam a maze until they latch on to your trail. They are angry, so you better to run and finish to eat all the food... A special magnifying glass follows you through the maze (which will not help you).

For the game itself: the arrow keys (ESC to quit)
For the menu: arrow keys, ESC and ENTER (or the mouse)

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submitted by Derron 4 days ago

Ape's Banana Conquest

Control a brave ape and collect various fruits while avoiding obstacles. Ape will run faster and faster making it harder to stay alive. Perfect while waiting for the bus or having an other short break. The game features the work of one single developer and except for the music the whole product is a one man show.

Originally the game was written for the first "Monkey-X"-Jam-Competition.

Purpose of paying for this game is to supplement the development of the free and open source game "TVTower" in the make by the developer.

Available From:

HTML5 Player [Free!]

Non-German: Android Version via Amazon AppShop [price of 1-2 beer]

Deutsch: Android Version via Amazon AppShop [price of 1-2 beer]

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