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submitted by APC 3 weeks ago

Defender 1

DEFENDER 1 is a remake of a classic arcade game from the 80's for iOS, Android devices.
Your mission is to defend the astronauts from being abducted by the aliens and obliterate the enemy spaceships, but careful not to kill the astronauts, falling to save them will make the planet explode and the aliens will turn into mutants!
PC Controls (Keyboard, Mouse or Touch Screen)
Game Start: A , Mouse Click or Touch on the screen
Ship: Arrows Up, Down, Left and Right or Mouse click or Touch on Game Pad
Laser: A , Mouse Click or Touch on the screen
Smart Bomb: S or Mouse Click or Touch on "SB" button
Auto Cruise: A or Mouse Click or Touch on "A" button
Auto Cruise Direction:Z or Mouse Click or Touch on "" button
Other Controls: Mute/Unmute, Info or Configuration click or touch on the buttons on the to right.

Available From:

App Store: Defender 1
Google Play: Coming Soon!

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submitted by straypixel 1 month ago

Storm Dog

The Storm Dog is a retro-style, side-scrolling arcade-shooter in which the player controls biplane fighter with different ammunition. The game takes place in the fictional universe at WWI-like era, populated by anthropomorphic dogs. The player must use different strategies of using four kind of boosts, to progress through ten missions and get awards and ranks.

Available From:

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