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submitted by Shockblast 3 weeks ago

Fishing Bombs

Go underwater and start fishing with BOMBS! Enjoy watching the ocean life while you catch fishes by shooting bombs at them.

Each time you play Fishing Bombs, you will get 50 bombs that you can shoot by just tapping the screen. Use these bombs to catch the fishes. A bigger fish will give you more points. You can even catch multiple fishes close to each other! Each game does not take long so you can play it whenever you got 1 or 2 minutes of spare time.

This game is easy to play for the entire family but you will need to have skill and patience if you want to set a highscore! It is just like a real fisherman... but you get to use bombs which is way more fun!

Available From:

Google Play
App Store

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submitted by Supertino 1 month ago

EazyGadgets - Basic GUI

A simple GUI set, does not require any frame works works on all targets

1. Canvases
2. List boxes
3. Buttons
4. Text boxes
5. Spinners
6. Combo boxes
7. Sliders
8. Labels
9. Check Boxes
10. Message Boxes

Available From:

My Google drive

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