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submitted by Fryman 1 month ago

MonkeySpeak Demo

A Demo for the monkey speak module for WebGL

Adds speech synthesis capability to monkeys HTML5 Target

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submitted by Funnybones 1 month ago

Bonkee Monsters

Bonkee Monsters is a simple Puzzle game mixing the match three concept with Panic style games.

Monsters will periodically fall
from the top of the screen, they
will gradually begin to fall
more often.

Tap a monster in the first seven
rows to send him back to the top
and shuffle tha column down.

You can tap a monster in the
eighth row to sacrife him and
make the column shorter, but
this will cost you 5 points

Try to match 3 monsters in a
horizontal row for 30 points.

Try to match 4 monsters in a
horizontal row for 80 points.

Once a row reaches the top of
the screen, the game is over.

See how High you can score!

Available From:

Google Play

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