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submitted by Chugs 4 months ago

Escape Game: Abduction_

Escape Game: Abduction_ is a casual tap based room escape type game where you search for items and clues to escape the room. I've made a few escape games over the last two years, but thought I'd share this one with the Monkey X Community due to it's unique twelve endings depending on your understanding the final destination puzzle. It's currently only available for Android in a retro 200 x 320 resolution. The game isn't long by any means, but a use of a simple binary in this game for the later puzzles can prove easy for us developers but very abstract and challenging to the average player.

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submitted by loonybot 5 months ago

MaxIt Monkey

MaxIt Monkey is a remake of a fun numbers game that has been originally released on Commodore PET in 1981. To succeed, the player has to base his strategy on basic mathematical calculations and think ahead of his opponent.
MaxIt Monkey is played on a 8x8 tile board where each tile has its own value ranging from -9 to +11. When selected, a tile's value is allocated to the player's score and the tile is removed from the board. Players select tiles in turn where one player can only choose horizontally and the other player vertically... always from the active row or column where the last tile was selected from. A chosen tile is removed from the board. The game ends when all tiles have been selected or it is not possible anymore to choose a tile in the active row or column.

In order to succeed and unlock all monkeys, you will need to think ahead and plan your moves carefully to end up with the highest score in the end.

MaxIt Monkey can be played in single player against 4 differently skilled monkey opponents or a human player on the same device.

History of MaxIt game:
- The game was first introduced as a 40 column text only game called Maxit by Harry J. Saal in 1981 for the Commodore Pet.
- The first version to incorporate graphics was released in late 1989 for the Commodore 64 and renamed ‘Blue Angel 69’ .
- Later ported to the Amiga and re-published also as ‘Sexy Droids' and 'Penhouse Hot Numbers'.
- Cromo on the Atary ST was probably directly inspired by Blue Angel '69, which was the only MaxIt game available on that system in 1990.
- Several other versions of the game have been released as Addix, Murmel, Crosso, Erotica and Numerománie.
- An iOS version of MaxIt was available as Angels and Demons: MaxIt.

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