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Monkey Beginners

New to Monkey? New to programming? Ask your questions here.

by merich (21 hours ago)
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Monkey Programming

Monkey programming discussion - not specific to any target

by peterigz (7 hours ago)
2448 24242


Android target discussion

by Gerry Quinn (2 days ago)
682 4697


Desktop target discussion (formerly GLFW target discussion)

by Terrion (2 days ago)
209 1313


Flash target discussion

by TransAmDan (2 weeks ago)
127 712


HTML5 target discussion

by StoneFaceEXE (2 days ago)
219 1138


iOS target discussion

by AndroidAndy (2 weeks ago)
292 1819


Ouya target discussion

by computercoder (2 days ago)
8 74


PSM target discussion

by garyk1968 (4 months ago)
30 170

Windows 8

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 target discussion

by BinaryItch (2 months ago)
47 230


XNA target discussion

by pantson (1 month ago)
91 484

User Targets

For discussion of targets created by Monkey users

by SLotman (4 days ago)
36 862

User Modules

For discussion of modules created by Monkey users

by Nobuyuki (3 days ago)
129 4568

Bug Reports

Important - when posting bug reports, please remember to provide your device details, as well as example code that reproduces the bug

by ziggy (2 days ago)
510 2196

Monkey General

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Monkey Discussion

Non-programming Monkey discussion

by Grey Alien (5 days ago)
627 6388

Monkey Apps

Monkey apps that have been submitted to the website's apps section. Every app has a topic created automatically. Please leave feedback!

by mjcamerer (2 days ago)
221 537

Monkey Projects

Monkey projects that have not been submitted as an app to the website's apps section.

by Playniax (1 day ago)
383 4555

Monkey Code

Post useful or interesting bits of Monkey code here - remember to use the [code][/code] or [codebox][/codebox] tags!

by NotSure (1 week ago)
226 1588

Monkey Tutorials

Post Monkey tutorials here

by DruggedBunny (1 week ago)
33 364
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Digital Discussion

The place to discuss games, computers - anything with 0s and 1s!

by dragon (2 days ago)
505 3805