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Monkey Beginners

New to Monkey? New to programming? Ask your questions here.

by Chugs (7 hours ago)
276 2151

Monkey Programming

Monkey programming discussion - not specific to any target

by ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (1 hour ago)
2372 23356


Android target discussion

by Volker (11 hours ago)
661 4555


Desktop target discussion (formerly GLFW target discussion)

by sereschkin (17 hours ago)
189 1200


Flash target discussion

by Landon (2 months ago)
121 684


HTML5 target discussion

by Vignoli (13 hours ago)
206 1044


iOS target discussion

by Raul (5 days ago)
283 1769


Ouya target discussion

by maverick69 (5 months ago)
6 64


PSM target discussion

by garyk1968 (1 week ago)
30 170

Windows 8

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 target discussion

by Raul (1 month ago)
45 218


XNA target discussion

by FBEpyon (2 months ago)
90 480

User Targets

For discussion of targets created by Monkey users

by Playniax (2 weeks ago)
32 822

User Modules

For discussion of modules created by Monkey users

by Hezkore (2 days ago)
125 4443

Bug Reports

Important - when posting bug reports, please remember to provide your device details, as well as example code that reproduces the bug

by marksibly (1 day ago)
474 2012

Monkey General

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Monkey Discussion

Non-programming Monkey discussion

by Why0Why (22 minutes ago)
602 6088

Monkey Apps

Monkey apps that have been submitted to the website's apps section. Every app has a topic created automatically. Please leave feedback!

by skid (1 day ago)
220 502

Monkey Projects

Monkey projects that have not been submitted as an app to the website's apps section.

by Raul (5 hours ago)
370 4382

Monkey Code

Post useful or interesting bits of Monkey code here - remember to use the [code][/code] or [codebox][/codebox] tags!

by sereschkin (4 days ago)
218 1522

Monkey Tutorials

Post Monkey tutorials here

by kmac (2 months ago)
31 322
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Digital Discussion

The place to discuss games, computers - anything with 0s and 1s!

by dawlane (13 hours ago)
481 3648