Monkey module registry

This page contains a list of modules available for the Monkey programming language.


Only modules by Blitz Research Ltd are supported at this website!

Module registration

To register a module name, please contact
Module names should be as unique as possible, preferably containing a proper noun of some kind.
Download links should link to a page containing the download, not directly to an individual file.
Module Description Author License Links
Abu Framework for 2D action games Belimoth MIT License Homepage Forum Thread Download
Anet Networking module for android Sub_Zero Public Domain Homepage Download
bono Lightweight and composable OOP framework michaelcontento Apache License Homepage
box2D A Monkey port of the Box2D 2D physics engine muddy_shoes New BSD License Homepage
Challenger GUI Easy to implement user interfaces 297chrisc MIT License Homepage Forum Thread
Congo A 2D game framework bazmonkey MIT License Homepage
chipmunk A Monkey port of the chipmunk 2D physics engine Xaron New BSD License Homepage
diddy Extra functions for Monkey and Mojo therevills MIT License Homepage Download
dom DOM wrapper for html5 apps Blitz Research Ltd Public domain
FacebookMonkey Adds support for Facebook dialogs (wall posting, sending requests) Fryman New BSD License Homepage
fantomEngine 2D game framework with layers, objects, timers, transitions, etc. Michael Hartlef MIT License Homepage
fling A Monkey port of the physaxe 2D physics library muddy_shoes New BSD License Homepage Download
flixel This framework is a port of AS3 flixel to the Monkey language devolonter MIT License Homepage Download
fontmachine Module that allows the usage of FontMachine fonts on Monkey Mojo Ziggy MIT License Homepage
Helix Library Library of various additional functionality, with components independent of each other Kalakian MIT License Homepage Forum Thread
Horizon Rapid prototyping framework maverick69 Public Domain Homepage
Ignition Game framework for Mojo Playniax Proprietary Homepage
imonk Adds iOS features to Monkey xzess MIT License Forum Thread
ioPlus Adds file input output functionality, XNA Keyboard, and a native notification dialog. Aman New BSD License Homepage Forum Thread
minib3d-monkey A multi-platform 3D engine. adamredwoods Public Domain Homepage
MiniC A small, typeless, C-like language written in Monkey. Perfect for scripting. Risc LGPL License Homepage
mnet Simple networking library for Monkey Xaron New BSD License Homepage Download
mojo Lightweight 2d app framework Blitz Research Ltd Proprietary
monkey Core Monkey language functionality Blitz Research Ltd Public domain
MonkeyLua Lua bindings for Monkey and Mojo Samah MIT License Homepage Download
Mutated-Monkey Various modules for game development, plus 2d framework wiebow MIT License Homepage Download
TimelineFX A fast and versatile particle effects engine peterigz MIT License Homepage Download
tombstone Simple 2d/3d engine for Mojo Edzup Proprietary Homepage
utoopia Simple and effective OO wrapper for Mojo Tibit Proprietary Homepage
xml A single file xml parser written in Monkey code with an easy to use API Skn3 MIT License Homepage
vrope Create a basic rope effect between two points using verlet integration Skn3 MIT License Homepage