End of Flash in browsers?

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I have not done a whole lot of digging into this yet so I ask it here in case someone already has.

I got a message with Chrome on a site that flash support will end. I checked my pages with flash made with Monkey and the message was not shown there.
Will Flash stay working in the next 5 to 10 years and beyond you think? I had it with Java applets that stopped working a couple of years ago becourse you now need a license of thousands of dollars to sign them (java gaming forum info). My java applet blog died when that happened.

It seems that html5 is going to replace flash everywhere. Also I read that flash will be translated on the fly to html5. So could you keep making them with monkey in the future?

I have so much fun with flash and fear that the hundred plus flash things that I have made and put online will stop working. I have no place to put html5 things yet.

Is flash as dead as unsigned Java applets in a year or more?

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Yes probably. But some people will still kick it around, like retro gamers.

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Not quite yet. Google have set a setting on by default that was introduced in version 42beta of the chrome browser to stop flash content auto playing (i.e Ads) to help save those with limited band with and portable devices battery life. The primary page content should not be affected.
The Flash is on it's way out and I would give it another couple of years, as Adobe will no longer be doing maintenance updates for the Linux Flash plugin after 2017.

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Will Flash stay working in the next 5 to 10 years and beyond you think?

Unlikely -- it's not just Chrome, but also Firefox and Safari. On top of that, a number of the large ad networks like Amazon also started rejecting flash-based ads this month. The less support & mainstream usage of flash, the higher the likelihood that more and more of the browsers will push for phasing out flash support on their side

Like it or not, it's an outdated plugin that has had tons of security holes over the years.

Adobe has already dropped flash for mobile, and the writing is on the wall for the other platforms as well.

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By the end of September, NPAPI will no long be supported by Chrome - and Firefox will follow. Flash has been ported to "Pepper" (the new API), but its very slow.

So, yes, flash will die. I wouldn't count on it even for more than a year, let alone 5 to 10 years.

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Flash seems to have managed to out live the unity plugin which died for us chrome users some time ago.

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Flash is proprietary, controlled by exclusively Adobe. Browser guys (Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc) can't control what it's doing under the hood. They don't like that either.

And now that there's a mature-ish solution with HTML5 that is widely supported by all major browsers, Flash's future is dead as a doorknob.

When Youtube dropped Flash video playback for HTML5 (as default), that was basically the start of the end.

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Paul - Taiphoz

It's adobe's own fault and I think mostly started because they could not come to an agreement with apple, had adobe pulled their head out their own ass they would not be in this position now.

Personally I have never liked flash all that much so it's death or eventual death is a good thing.

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Flash has been in slow demise since the launch of HTML5. Originally the Flash plugin was fantastic and gave us all a web experience that browsers themselves could not provide. However, with the event of HTML5 and also Apple refusing to support Flash in their iPhone / iPad devices due to battery life and security the death knell was inevitable.

Flash is fast becoming a relic of the past and it's sad that a once such giant is shrinking like the wicked witch of the west has just had a bucket of water thrown over her.

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So does Monkey X use the actual Flash or does it use the OpenFL? I figured MX would be using OpenFL to create Flash-style applications.

Can anyone tell me if Mojo 2 HTML5 games are any more reliable (frame-rate and performance wise) than Mojo HTML5 games?

One thing I don't like about the HTML5 (at least as far as the work I have done with it in Monkey X) is the unreliable frame updates which results in jittery movement especially visible with scrolling stages.

I tried the MX Flash export and it is just as bad. Just an 800x600 scrolling screen is sometimes flawless perfect scrolling and then several seconds later (or the very next test a minute later) is jerky / stuttery movement. Makes no sense really.

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It seems that Flash might stay working for a number of years. No news of it being disabled. Only today there was news that Edge wil start to freeze certain Flash contents.

Go Flash!

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I noticed recently that I get a icon in #chrome that says that flash is disabled by default on the current site. You can click on it and select to enable for the site you are on.

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I noticed for the first time in chrome that you need to now click on a Flash Applet before it wil run it. Then a popup shows asking aproval.