Ookujira - Giant Whale Rampage

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Posted 1+ years ago #1

Ookujira - Giant Whale Rampage discussion thread. Please leave your feedback here.

Posted 1+ years ago #2

This looks great! Any plans on an Android version?

Posted 1+ years ago #3

Thanks! Yes, Android version is coming soonish, but I've been busy fixing all the initial issues on iOS version first. Update coming in a day or two!

Posted 5 months ago #5

really nice and beautiful game!
and your are also from Finland!
have you been in IGDA events?

Posted 5 months ago #6

Thanks Simonsuuri! Nope, haven't been in any IGDA events. I'm too poor and lazy to go out. ;) Maybe if Android version of Ookujira becomes a huge hit I can afford a beer!

Posted 5 months ago #7

I see! lets hope ookujira makes a Great!
althou everyone who participates IGDA event will get 2-3 free drinks :) (and sometimes tap's are open)

Posted 5 months ago #8

Great job Rieha! My six year old daughter loves this game and she is much better than me :)
I've been planning to participate IGDA, but has never been time. Maybe someday.

Posted 5 months ago #9

Thanks Simonsuuri & jayparker! Free drinks definitely sounds nice. You have to take all the calories you can as a starving indie! ;)