In App Purchase module :)

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I did not even had a previously iOS build folder..

Posted 1+ years ago #77

also before that error I receive this one:

/Users/User/Desktop/monkeySundao/Sundao/ warning: autosynthesized property 'productsList' will use synthesized instance variable '_productsList', not existing instance variable 'productsList' [-Wobjc-autosynthesis-property-ivar-name-match]
@implementation MKStoreManager
/Users/User/Desktop/monkeySundao/Sundao/ note: property declared here
@property (copy) NSSet *productsList;
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cannot do that.

All I have in Architectures in Standard (armv7)

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Then remove that line and add armv6 with your keyboard. :)

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Actually the issue was for missing the StoreKit framework..

I added and tried to run on simulator. When I want to purchase an item I receive the message: IAP is not running in simulator. I assume I can only test on a real device, right?

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Yes, that's true.

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I had the same skerrorunknown error.

I signed out from Settings->Store.
I created an IAP for my testing app from store.
I compiled the code from Monkey
I opened xcode, I added the StoreKit Framework..
I changed the product name to match the product ids from store..

and when I try to purcahse, in xcode console I receive the skerrorunknown.. and that the itunnes setup is wrong

My IAP has status: Waiting for Screenshot. I hope this is ok for sandboxing, right?

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In sireads mini-tutorial post above he says...

IMPORTANT! When you create your IAP do not upload a screenshot. This will mean that you can test your IAPs in Sandbox mode without having to upload a game binary. (You will need to create a test user in iTunes Connect. Also you need to go to Settings > Store in your iOS device and sign out of your normal iTunes account, then sign-in with your Test User account when prompted in the game.) I assume waiting for screenshot is correct.

Have you setup the Test User in iTunes Connect?

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Yes I have it.

I talked to a friend of mine who is an xcode developer and he helped me.

I have to share here with you my experience:
-It doesnt matter if you have a screenshot or not of the IAP
-Also in the iap.monkey it says:

' IMPORTANT: If your app is not "Waiting for review" in iTunes Connect you won't be able to test In App Purchases. Once you get that status you can reject your binary and test peacefully. How weird!

not more applicable. In fact the status of my application is now: Binary Rejected.

- The target iOS must be 6.0. Initially I tested on my friends iPhone 4 which has iOS.5. That's why I receive that Unkown Error message.
Anyway from September Apple will not support anymore iOS<6 so if it is working on 6.0 it is ok.

- Also to run the IAP in simulator, just open "MKStoreKit.cpp" and search for:

NSLog(@"You are running in Simulator MKStoreKit runs only on devices");

and remove the "#if TARGET_IPHONE_SIMULATOR"

This is usefull if you do not have always a device.. like me.

Hope this will help other, too.

BUT, there is also an issue here:
While trying to upload my app to the itunnes connect we received in that 'Package Maker and verification' an error which told us that we cannot continue because of using the 'uniqueID' I have no idea what should be the next step. I just removed the features from MKStoreKit.cpp

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Does anyone tested the module on iOS 7?

I have this in debug:

2014-02-26 18:00:59.112 MonkeyGame[5111:60b] state failed
2014-02-26 18:00:59.114 MonkeyGame[5111:60b] SKErrorUnknown
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Not needed anymore. Monkey has its own cross platform in app stuff now!