Aiko's house (Point and Click Game)

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Aiko's house (Point and Click Game) discussion thread. Please leave your feedback here.

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Gerry Quinn

Interesting - I didn't get far into it, but it works fine. I thought maybe the things in the house are a bit too mundane / ordinary.

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Thank you for the comment!
Certainly I think that as horror taste graphics are good you say.
And the more scary house!
Thank you!

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That was... Interesting. I've always enjoyed this sort of room-based point-and-click.

The graphics were certainly simple, but the art-style does actually add to the last section.

A game like this definitely needs more of a puzzle element to it, though. The pass code thing was an instant give away. If the numbers were spread across the rooms, say, encoded as a word, or numbers representing a date, you'd get more player engagement.

A real-time/movement based threat would also be an interesting concept. For example, if you're being chased, you'd design the rooms in a way that gives the player access to multiple, potentially safe paths. Maybe restrict the player's movement if they've been injured? Something to add complexity without breaking immersion.

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Nice game. I finished it btw after being dead twice. :)

Posted 8 months ago #6

I really liked the style, it draws you in ;0)

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Hello Tamaki,

I played your game, very cool. I got all items and got to the end. Your game is nice and you can improve it.

My Improvement Suggestions:
- You can take advantage of Monkey and put some animations in each room.
- On the access to the basement the back button is too close the basement access/stair
- On the main screen you should put a mute button if players want to turn off the sound.

Here is my collaboration to improve the English translation. (If you want I can translate to Portuguese and Spanish, that way you can sell in more regions)
Home Screen: Click to Start or Click to Play
Front Door Screen: Hello my name is Ken.My girlfriend Aiko is missing so i decide to come to her house.
Front Door Screen door bell: No one is answering the door!
Front Door Screen (when you click anywhere:
First Room: This is a creepy room. or This room looks creepy.
First Room: This door doesn't open. It is sealed by wood bars!
Leaving Room:You are in the leaving room. Would you like to relax?
Dinning Room: This is the dinning room. Aiko eats here.
Kitchen: You arrived at the Kitchen! Why there is a stepladder here?
Kitchen Keypad: Yeah, you unlocked the door!
Kitchen Refrigerator:This refrigerator is almost empty. Aiko does not cook!
Kitchen Refrigerator:I will eat this banana when I feel hungry!
Buddhist Room: This is a Buddhist altar cabinet. Aiko is a believer in Buddhism.
Buddhist Altar: Let's get the amulet of Aiko. I am not a Buddhist believer, but this can protect me.
Storage Room: This is the storage room.
Cell Screen: It is Aiko! But she is behaving strange.

Posted 4 months ago #8

Thank you for many comments!
Especially I was happy to fix the translation.
Updated the text.
Thank you everyone.
I will make a second round in the near future.