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Posted 1 month ago #76

The sound you used for running is really loud! Maybe look at the later megaman games for sound ideas.

Posted 1 month ago #77

Nice game.

Posted 1 month ago #78

Thanks Pakz

The sound you used for running is really loud!

Sounds I always add last but this one is just a test to sync it with the animation so yeah it will be tuned down...

Posted 3 weeks ago #79

Pyro2 version 1.0.02 is up!

• Added DrawFader command
• Added DrawTiles command
• Added DrawLine command that can use an image to draw a line
• Added HighScoreManager class
• Completly rewrote the content manager!

• Fixed countless bugs!

You can grab the module files here or wait until Mark has updated the modules in the module manager.

Or you can download a zip file containing a precompiled version of Monkey2 / Pyro2 + examples!

Posted 6 days ago #80

So far the dumbot game ( that uses the CrashTest Art ) is progressing nicely!
Did not spend a lot of time tweaking my gif recorder but the game runs very smooth of course!
The tools I use are Monkey2/Pyro2, Tiled converter and the Pyro editor.