Hello Pyro and Ignition guys!

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Posted 6 months ago #1

First of all, thanks for your support over the years! We really do appreciate it.

As a way of thanking you guys I have renamed your Pyro account at our members portal to Pyro Exclusive and added a surprise file called pyro2bonus.zip. Please check this out before you buy any of our products. The Pyro Exclusive will give you acces to exclusive Playniax material in the future like previews, demos and other stuff.

I have also uploaded a surprise file called pyro2bonus.zip to the Ignition X account but this probably is a one time event!

Did I leave anyone out? Please contact me if I did but do this by email!

Posted 6 months ago #2

Came back tonight to use Monkey for the first time in a few months and update any modules, Ignition etc - and what timing, this is a nice surprise!

Keep up the good work Playniax! :)

Posted 6 months ago #3

Pyro for Monkey X price cut!

I have decided to drop the price of Pyro for Monkey X from $65 to $12 USD!

I ( probably ) know what your thinking, 'What? wait, but Pyro 2 is free so why should I pay for Pyro?'

Well for starters, the reason could be that Pyro still offers a lot of things that Pyro 2 still needs to catch up on and I am following BRL in that Monkey X is also still a commercial product.

So, if you are interested just purchase Pyro from this link because I did not update the website yet: https://shopper.mycommerce.com/checkout/cart/add/53762-3

Posted 6 months ago #4

Hi Playniax; Pyro is still $12?; No strings attached?