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Posted 3 months ago #2

Monkey 2 has enscripten pretty much the same result.

Posted 3 months ago #3

Emscripten compiles to JavaScript in asm.js format. WebAssembly is an alternative to JavaScript. Emscripten projects can build to WebAssembly with some config.

Posted 3 months ago #4

I don't think you will get any additional targets for Monkey 1 anymore. If at all then only bugfixes (hopefully!). Monkey 1 is considered to be "finished". Unfortunately Monkey 2 is in such an undocumented state atm it's more for experimental use, at least for me.

Posted 3 months ago #5

I'm still not interested in moving to Monkey 2 so I hope otherwise.

Posted 3 months ago #6

Me neither but I have no choice... :/