Is MonkeyX1 still being developed?

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Posted 3 weeks ago #26

That's good news and I look forward to the new target.

What support is max getting may I ask?

Posted 3 weeks ago #27

@skid : Thanks for confirming this. :-D

I've thrown my eggs in the Monkey 2 basket, because of the many great modern language features, but I still have Monkey 1 projects that I need to maintain, hopefully for some years to come :-)

I too am quite happy with Mark's modus vivendi, although I do get the problem with fragmentation.

Posted 2 weeks ago #28

I have been doing a bit of thinking about this issue, and talked with Mark some last weekend.

He actually gave me a ballpark figure for a deal he would be happy with so I gathered he does seriously consider third party stewardship of MonkeyX as a good thing.

What that would take? Who knows. My confused feelings on the topic are here as well as an invitation for those with serious interest:

Posted 2 weeks ago #29

Wow, awesome. Sent you a mail Simon. :)

Posted 2 weeks ago #30

Quick translation: you (and Mark) are looking for some 'investor' to buy out MonkeyX IP and grant it a future development/maintenance.

Seriously, I don't know if there are online solutions like Kickstart/Patreon for a 'collective/crowd sourced-buy-out'... it will be an interesting thing - once every single elements of the contract is defined.

Posted 4 days ago #31

Are there any news?

Posted 2 days ago #32

I think there may be 3 of us including you martin.

I am keen on being paid to work on it so think we should consider a commercial MonkeyGL venture with a paid up license to Mark for the mojo2 component.

Also, Mark reports license sales are up for monkey-x this month.

Posted 1 day ago #33

Thanks skid! :) So when we talking about "sales" for Monkey 1. What number we're talking about? 5 per month? 10? I guess that number would define kind of a buy out.

Posted 1 day ago #34

Well, if you are interested, I might be interested in providing additional modules, tools, examples and demos as a hired guy or royalty based arrangement to anybody who ends up buying and selling Monkey x.