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I'm getting ready to launch a desktop version of my game for Steam, and am at a loss as to what to use for system requirements. Does anyone have any advice on how to come up with a minimum for processor, ram, etc. for a game built with MonkeyX? What do you all use?

I don't think my game is too demanding (it runs pretty well on low-end android phones, the html target, etc...).

This is what I've come up with so far for the minimum:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better
Graphics Card with Open GL 2.0 support
512mb RAM

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It certainly depends on your game.
RAM is easy, as you can just add up everything you allocate.
For Video RAM you can again calculate that based on the images you load. (and have active at the same time)

Processor is a little trickier, best thing would be to test on an actual machine. If you don't have that available, ask people that have them.
You can also profile on 1 machine, then look up benchmark sites how this cpu compares to others.

TL;DR: Measure.

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Gerry Quinn

Monkey should have nothing really in terms of special requirements of its own - apart from garbage collection and a small speed penalty you may as well be writing in C++. Everything depends on what your game does. Very likely it will run fine on the minimum that's not too embarrassing to post on Steam!

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Ok, thank you both for the input, I'll try profiling it a bit and see how it looks. I did try the game out on my wife's old 2004 compaq laptop and it wouldn't run, so I guess I have a starting point.