How to implement Win Phone Angel Libs openGL?

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I have some questions regarding how i will get my game to Windows 8 Phone.
First the general process is not clear for me.

But most importantly:

I use OpenGL 2.0 and i compiled the angel Libs but how do i actually build the Windows 8 phone binary with the angel libs as a wrapper for openGL ?

How do they get integrated into Monkey ?

What target do i use for Win 8 Phone games ?

Thanks a lot!

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There is no OpenGL on Windows Phone 8. WP8 uses Direct-X. There is a WinRT target, which is for WP8+

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I know that Windows Phone does not support OpenGL. Henche the angel Libs.

From the readme:

"ANGLE allows Windows users to seamlessly run OpenGL ES content by efficiently translating OpenGL ES API into DirectX 11 API calls."

Does the WinRT Target use the Angel libs to run OpenGL2.0 ? Please note that i do not use standart monkey but instead open GL ES directly.

Any clarification welcome. Also I did not use Windows for the last 15 years. How would i go about to build for the WinRT target ?

Thanks a lot!

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Angle is for Windows on DESKTOP. Not for mobile OS.

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From Manux's link:

This repository is maintained by Microsoft to support the use of ANGLE by Windows Store app developers. It contains several branches:

ms-master - for Universal Windows 10 apps (UWP) and desktop apps
ms-win8.1 - for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps
ms-holographic-experimental - for experimental HoloLens support

So yes, ANGLE can be used on Windows 8 Phone but such usage is not supported with current Monkey-X target.

IMHO it would be easier to convert your app to use the DirectX11 device initialised by the Monkey-X Win8Phone target than build a new Monkey-X Win8Phone target that uses Angle.

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Ok I am just going to throw this out there, probably will be too slow, but it is another way to build Open GL ES 2 into Windows Phone.

Watch this: (12:24)

So compile to HTML5 in Monkey and try following the steps in that video to get it into Windows Phone.

NOTE: If you do it this way, you CAN NOT use MonkeyStore. So probably only for paid apps only.

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How would i convert the app ? As i use openGL. Do you mean i will have to rewrite the code to Direct x so monkey can build an Windows RT target ?

OR do i just need to compile the Windows RT target in monkey ?

@ Fredi,

HTML5 target is broken at the moment for my project. But thanks it alsways good to have options on hand :-)

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Since you use OpenGL yourself, yes, there is no other way besides converting calls to Direct-X AFAIK.
If you use the mojo library, you wouldn't have to do anything - just recompile in the desired target and everything would work.