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SNES Mode 7 - New!

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Posted 1+ years ago #1

SNES Mode 7 is now on Monkey Coder!

Posted 1+ years ago #2

Looks great. Would you share your knowledge about how to do this?

Posted 1+ years ago #3

Nevermind, found it on your website. Thank you very much!

Posted 1+ years ago #4

Cheers Mike, I hope you find it useful.

Posted 1+ years ago #5

I only just found this. I had a little play with the code, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to implement this by way of a tilemap rather than a single huge image. The image size limitation (1024x1024) means that only small tracks would be usable :(

Posted 1+ years ago #6

Hey Spinal, sorry for the late response. As it happens I've done tilemapped floors in Monkey. See - I know it's slow but without the walls, ceiling and per-pixel lighting it'd be much faster. If you're interested in getting some help on a project, just drop me a line (earok 3d at gmail dot com)