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Hello everybody,

I am very new to Monkey, and, after done several tests and read a lot of topic here, I have some questions :)

XNA Target :

That's work but I don't understand what my user needs to be able to launch my xna demos ?

I have a friend, I send him my .exe build with monkey XNA Target. He installed the xna redist. 4 but the program crashes on his PC and not on mine...There is something else he needs to be able to launch it ?

Android Target :

When I build something with Monkey and the Android Target, the final apk is always named "debug" as the same as I don't tick the "debug" option in the ide. Why ?

In general :

I have read some topics about the display size, but I don't understand exactly what's the deal. For example, if I want to make a game for Andro´d. There is a lot of different phone/Tablet with different resolution.

I've seen a topic with some codes, but don't know exactly what we can do to deal with that.

I would like to thank you for your future answer, and I would like to apologize for my english, it isn't my native langage.

Thank again :)

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I havent really done much with the XNA Target so I can't help you there...

But with the Android don't worry about the file having "debug" in the name - it means that it is signed with the debug key. When you are ready for release, just rename it the apk and resign it.

Re: display size on Android, you will need to use a virtual resolution something like the included Auto-Fit demo by James Boyd.

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I've tried to distribute a XNA game on a few machines and even had a couple of people try on their machines, but not once did it work. I tried the visual studio Click-Once publisher and that didn't work. I tried a few install creators (including Advanced Installer, which was great) but they didn't work!

I am yet to figure this out, but I will be going back to this problem at some point.

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Ok thanks :)

I quote :

"it means that it is signed with the debug key. When you are ready for release, just rename it the apk and resign it."

Resign it ? how exactly ? Juste rename it, is not enough ?

For the auto fit demo I've seen it but have some difficulties to understand the deal in fact :( And, I wonder if an autofit doesn't get down the quality of the image sprite ?

Thank's again.