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The decision to release one more interim alpha-version before the beta release was motivated by the following reasons:
1. The release of beta-version, unfortunately, was obscenely delayed
2. Compilation errors in the Monkey v58

So, meet Flixel for Monkey v1.0a2. List of changes:

* Compatibility with Monkey v58

* Added support of the Jungle IDE automatic module updater

* The prefix of internal library assets was changed by suffix _flx. Now you can filter the application resources using standard Monkey tools, without breaking the framework. For example, #IMAGE_FILES = "* _flx.png|* _your_filter.png"

* Added implementation of Revive method for FlxGroup class. This API is absent in original flixel

* Simplified the use of FlxBasic.Cameras property. Now, to specify object cameras use a simple snippet: object.Cameras = [id1, id2, ..]. Note that now FlxBasic.Cameras is a property, rather than a field and, therefore, a CamelCase is used

* Added support of the Cameras property for class FlxGroup. This API is absent in original flixel

* Added FlxText.GetFontObject method. In order for you to have the opportunity to customize the font properties for a particular object

* Added FlxG.RemoveBitmap function. This API is absent in original flixel

* Added the accelerometer support in WP7

* Improved class FlxQuadTree FlxObject.SeparateX and FlxObject.SeparateY functions. Now they do not generate a huge amount of garbage

* The use of class FlxArray is simplified. All methods are replaced by functions, and now you have to use it static. For example, FlxArray<Int>.GetRandom(array)

* Many other bug fixes

But that's not all! Now Flixel for Monkey has a website that will contain some useful information. Hope you enjoy it!

Official website: There you can download the latest version of the framework.

P.S. Now you can support the project financially! In Donate section you will find everything thatís necessary for it:) Thank you!

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Its great to see this coming along :)! Definitely looking forward to updates on the Monkey Flixel website. BTW, does this current version of Monkey Flixel supports joystick input yet?

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BTW, does this current version of Monkey Flixel supports joystick input yet?

Yes, current Flixel for Monkey version supports joystick. Use FlxG.Joustick(unit = 0) to get the object of Joystick class, which contains all the methods of generic input class, such as Pressed, JustPressed, JustReleased, and, additionally, has the X, Y and Z properties

Cool that you're using Bootstrap. You should use Font Awesome too!

Wow! Thanks for link! I definitely will use this

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Important update!

* Fixed two critical bugs in the FlxEmitter and FlxSound classes.
* Now, to revive all the elements in the group use FlxGroup.ReviveAll

Learn more about bugs here.


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I've been playing with Flixel monkey since I am used to work with the as3 version. I don't know if it's my problem or what but I get an "Array out of Index" error on FlxTilemap.monkey, line 213, when I make more than 10 SwitchState when having a tilemap on a state.

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Can you send me code example on email?


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There is an important fix for those who use FlxTilemap and FlxG.SwitchState. Replace the file FlxTilemap by the file from here: flxtilemap.monkey

This fix will be included into the next release.

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Update v1.0a3 is now available. Only bug fixes are included. Download the update.

Best regards

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Your "Quickstart" guide says, "Monkey currently does not support reflection, so here we emulate necessary functional"

I think monkey supports reflection now. Does that mean the lib will be updated to reflect that?

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Does that mean the lib will be updated to reflect that?

Yes, I'm currently working on it. Version with reflection support will be released in a couple of weeks.