How to add Preloader to Monkey - Plz add this Mark

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Posted 1+ years ago #26

Before I spend hours wrestling with it, please, does this still work with the latest Monkey, or at least V74a?

Posted 1+ years ago #27

Ive tried this preloader with V74a and V75d.

In both cases no preloader shows up at all in IE and the progress bar doesn't move in Chrome.

It works fine in Firefox, Safari and Opera though.

Can anyone else confirm this as I suspect it may be a problem with just my box.

UPDATE: I tried building with 72b which therevills specifically wrote the last preloader for and I got the same exact results so apparently it is my box.

I tried building with 3 different Flex SDK's and still the same results.

I'm at a loss to figure out what it is.

Other than the Flex SDK what else is involved in building Flash games with Monkey?

Posted 1+ years ago #28

I use essentially the same code, with minor tweaks.
(I bloated out the swf to ~6MB so you see the loader bar for longer).

For me, this works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, mac+windows. + works in IE7, Safari. But, I havent done a wide release using this preloader yet (have been using mochi distribution till now).

I'm using flex 4.6. My browsers + flash are generally up to date. I'm using monkey 72b. Actually, I dont edit any of the monkey trans/build commands, I just use mxmlc on the command line manually, but its the same command.

Posted 1+ years ago #29

Yep, your preloader works in every browser so it is my box.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I'm going to try an uninstall/reinstall of everything.