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Posted 1+ years ago #101

Visual.debug no longer working on the latest version?

Posted 1+ years ago #102

Visual debug works only in debug mode by default. If you want to force enable debug in release mode you should enable flixel debug with #FLX_DEBUG_ENABLED = True

Posted 1+ years ago #103

Ahh thanks, got it now.

Posted 1+ years ago #104

Hey devolonter,

I downloaded the latest version of Flixel and it gave me this error, even with the banana examples.

/flixel/flxconfig.monkey<46> : Error : Cannot convert from Bool to String.
Posted 1+ years ago #105

Yep needs an update. Also much more errors with v77d. Devolonter a probably a bit busy with the site redesign now so not sure when he'll get to updating it.

Posted 1+ years ago #106

Hi guys!

Thanks for the reports, I known about these issues. I’ll provide some news about that next week. But currently, you can try to use version from develop branch, it should work properly.

Posted 1+ years ago #107

Thanks for all the great work on Flixel for Monkey. I'm currently using it on my project and its been great to use and speeded up my dev time no end.

I'm currently trying to use the slots and signals stuff but not having much luck. Can anyone help out with a code example (simpler the better, I'm not that good yet).

Posted 1+ years ago #108

Having trouble now with scaling tilemaps and lines between the tiles. Might have to give up on this as I can't seem to find a fix.

Posted 1+ years ago #109

Hi, Whiteball.

Sorry, I missed your first message… I hope you solved the issue with slots and signals.

Regarding the lines between tiles. It may occur when your tiles’ sprite didn’t have padding between frames. In your case you can try one option from the following:

2. Set Image.DefaultFlags = Image.XYPadding before loading resources
3. Add 1px transparent padding to each frame of your tiles strip and set Image.DefaultFlags = Image.XYPadding before loading resources

Posted 1+ years ago #110
Richard Marks

I downloaded Monkey X v77a and Flixel for Monkey v1.0.0-beta.1 and apparently they do not play well together.

Is there any way to get things up and running short of running through all of the flixel code and fixing each error as they pop up when I try to build my project?