Suspending the PSM target...

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I have decided to officially suspend development and support for the PSM target.

This is due to Sony preventing anyone outside of 'approved territories' from being able to publish software for the Vita, or even to just test code on actual devices.

I will, however, be moving the existing native PSM mojo code to the open source Github repos and may be tempted to tinker with it in my spare time in future.

Also, if you bought Monkey for the PSM target and would like a refund, please contact me via email.

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Did you contact Sony at all with the information I provided?

PSM is a stepping stone toward PS4 support. This is a mistake.

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I was just thinking of downloading the SDK today too. This is a shame if it happens.

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Mark, i remember that Sony limited psm to few countries for initial release.
later other countries should be available...

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Made a build with an active project with everything up to date and it still mostly works. Just a little crashy, but works! When we have time we'll investigate more.

The situation has changed as has been said in other topics. Anyone can test now in any territory for free at the moment. It is only a requirement to be in a ready territory to sell, and the list of territories is increasing over time.

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The situation seems different now. I wonder if this changes anything regarding suspending psm target..?

This isnt a wish or feature request... just a question. :)

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i like to see this target back.
i planed to port my game to psm.

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The situation seems different now.

No it's not. Just people from approved territories can publish, as said in the first post by Mark.

The only thing changed is that everyone can download the SDK and try it - but when it comes to actually publishing the game, just some countries can. Unless you want to make a game just for yourself, or maybe learn it to apply to some job, there is no point to invest time on that :P

(I know because I'm from Brazil, applied and was shut down in the middle of the registration process!)