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' 0 - entity bounds
                ' 1 - region bounds
                ' 2 - region rect

0 will check if collision with rect bound of entire actor. The bound rect is never rotated so imagine that the collision area would be bigger if you had a rotated rectangular region in your actor.

1 will do the same as 0 but per region instead of the entire actor.

2 will test collision, per region and will use the regions rotation as well.

Currently there is no way to avoid white space detection unless you just split your image regions up by hand. So your "T" could be split into 3 separate regions for finer collision detection.

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Just to let everyone know that Soap and Playniax have recently donated some cash to this module. The support is very helpful so everyone should offer them lots of thanks :D

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Skn3 how much of the new features from their current kickstarter are you going to be able to adopt out of the box? Or are you going to have to wait for mojo enhancements ?

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Thanks again for the draworder fix skn3 - just realised I've been calling you sk3n throughout this whole thread - doh!

Big thanks to Soap and Playniax for the donations - I will also be donating for sure once I get some spare cash, things are pretty tight for me at the moment but I will definately show my appreciation for your work on this module once circumstances allow.

I have a quick question about SetSlotColor().
If I load an entity and call SetSlotColor at the start it displays fine, but then when I call SetAnimation() the slot loses the colour I previously set and seems to revert back to 255,255,255.

If I call SetSlotColor() again after changing the animation with SetAnimation() then it works fine, but I was wondering if this was intended behaviour or a bug?

I expected the slot to retain its colour information through all animations until another SetSlotColor() was called rather than revert back with each animation change, as that is going to be a lot of SetSlotColor calls.

I think it's a bug but I thought I would check that it wasn't intended for some reason before I start adding loads of SetSlotColor() calls after all my animation changes.

Thanks :)

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Has anyone had any success or got any information on how to mix animations?