Using TextMate (Mac OS X) as your IDE

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Make sure the file has the 'tmBundle' extension and you should be able to double click it (it copies itself in the right directory).

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Oh no, thanks ;o) That was really simple.

Great! The monkey.tmbundle works also with Textmate 2! I think it is not mentioned anywhere...

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Wow, this one was driving me crazy! I had installed an older version of the monkey.tmbundle.
After that i wants to install the newer version from 2012-05-04. And it won't overwrite the older version automatically, grml!

I deleted TextMate 1 and everything i can find in the "Application Support" folder....

With a search at the terminal.....

sudo find / -type d -name monkey.tmbundle

... i found that TextMate 2 saves/finds some(!) of the Bundles under:

/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Avian/Pristine Copy/Bundles/monkey.tmbundle

What the hell is that ???
I deleted this crap and copied the bundle file by hand to the new TextMate 2 folder:

/Users/username/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Managed/Bundles/monkey.tmbundle

and this is different as described in the

/Users/username/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/monkey.tmbundle

More infos about here:

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Btw, in the current version the 'Highlight current keyword' is broken again.
Here is quick fix:


if [[ -n "$TM_SELECTED_TEXT" ]] ; then

command=$(grep -m 1 $keyword $monkey/docs/html/index.txt|cut -d':' -f2)

echo "<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=file://$monkey/docs/html/$command">"

Go to Bundles -> Bundle Editor -> Show Bundle Editor, select Monkey and find the 'View documentation for current keyword' entry. Then copy the above in there.
Now you can view the documentation for most of the keywords again.

EDIT: How can I do a pull request? Do I have to fork the official branch for that?

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If I'm honest, I've not got time to fix any of this stuff myself. But if you file pull requests on github I will merge them in and everybody will benefit.

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Hey, somebody knows if it's possible to update snippets without using textmate?
I know it's just a simple xml file but it requires a property called UUID which looks like some hash generated id.

Also, I have updated my MonkeMate app.

It allows you to drop in monkey files and after you hit export it will output a completitions.txt file.
This file will have all Globals, Const, Fields, Methods and Functions (only public ones) so when you hit Escape you can get completition even if you haven't opened the file.

For now you have to manually copy the contents of the output file into completitions (which can be found inside Textmate->Bundle Editor).
Still a lot better than having just suggestions from the current file.

Edit: Don't replace everything if you want to keep monkey commands. Just copy out the portion that's needed.

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The UUID is just so TextMate can differentiate one menu item from another. It gives every item a unique ID for reference purposes. That's why if you copy a menu command from one bundle to another things can get a bit confused. At least in TM 1.5 (I'm now using 2.0 and have not looked at bundles just yet).

Thanks for your updated monkeymate, it's a cool app.

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Thanks to @tluyben on github for a handful of changes. Much appreciated!

They prompted me to release a new version the first in a year which addresses all outstanding issues on github, as well fixing as a few things I'd spotted myself.

Ready for v70