How to develop for multitouch on Mac?

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Is there an quick way to develop and test a multitouch app natively on my Mac?

I need to support at least 3 simultaneous touches.

I have an iPad and would like to use that and have the touches control my native (GLFW?) app, but if I had to buy a touchpad, that would be okay too.

If I pay the 99$ to apple to be a developer, is it quick and easy to test on the ipad itself, or will that result in long compile-deploy times?

The main issue is to have an easy way to a test a multitouch interface continuously with a lot of quick compiles, tweaking and inventing good interface gestures.

Would Appstores Vimeovs iSimulate be of any use?
Would Appstores Touchpad app be of any use?

Any relevant suggestions appreciated.

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I use iSimulate, it works well.

Though I've not used it with a monkey project (yet) it should be simple enough to add in.

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Thanks for the pointer.

I have set up iSimulate SDK + iSimulate Lite with a monkey project, and it works but I only get touch events for the lower left quarter of the iPad screen.

[EDIT] Touch events come in for the whole screen, but the cords are scaled to big.

From I've used the
"for OpenGL-based Apps" -> for ios 4 version because I can't get the
"for OpenGL-based Apps" -> for ios 3 (ipad) version to compile.

Do you have an idea of what I'm doing wrong?

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Is this the same when using a basic/simple monkey app with no fancy matrix stuff going on?

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Yes. I've just made this minimal example, and followed the instructions on

Import mojo

Class Test Extends App
	Method OnCreate()
		SetUpdateRate 60
	Method OnRender()
		Cls 200,0,0
		For Local n:Int = 0 Until 8
			If KeyDown(KEY_TOUCH0+n)
				SetColor 0,255,64*n
				DrawRect TouchX(0+n)-25,TouchY(0+n)-25,50,50


Function Main()
	New Test