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As you may have noticed, things are looking slightly different around here! We've gone all out to re-launch Monkey with a new website, new domain name, and new free versions of Monkey. is our new domain name, with X standing for 'X-platform'. We believe this to be a more distinctive, memorable domain name than, so from now on, all efforts to promote Monkey will be centered around the new domain name. Please use it when mentioning Monkey to friends and colleagues!

The new free versions of Monkey X replace the old demo versions, and come fully equipped with two targets - desktop and HTML5 - which can be used without restrictions to develop and release commercial games. Also, free version users can now sign up and use the website the same as everyone else - we hope this will encourage more users to try Monkey and join the Monkey community.

Finally, of course, we have the new website, which I'm sure everyone will agree is a huge improvement on the old one! Apart from the sleek new design, which is fully responsive and fluid (try it on your phone!), we've added many new enhancements.

A massive thanks must go to Arthur Bikmullin (devolonter), the hugely talented Monkey user and professional web developer who has very generously donated his free time to improve the website. It was Arthur who approached us around about a year ago with the idea of redesigning the website - we loved his designs, and since then have been working with him to produce the new website. None of this would have happened without Arthur's involvement, so please show your appreciation by offering him a star when he next posts :) (stars can be clicked in the top left corner of posts - one of the new enhancements!).

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Thanks for the nice words! Glad to see that we finally got a new site and hope you enjoy it. But don’t hesitate to report about bugs or make critical comments.

Thanks to BRL Team that allowed to implement the plan and especially to Simon Harrison, with whom it was really nice to work with! I would also like to thank my wife AhNinniah, which helped me with some graphics and icons!

I regret that I didn’t have time to do everything that I wanted. But I hope in the future we will fix that too.


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Paul - Taiphoz

Love what you have done stunning improvment .. Only missing some of the extra pages in the apps section. Brilliant work tho :)

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Hi! just to say how much I love this new site. It's much better

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Gerry Quinn

I thought I clicked on the wrong site!
It looks more exciting, that's for sure, though frankly from a utilitarian point of view the old site did what I needed with minimal assets...

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The "stars" seems to not be keeping when you mark them

EDIT:Me wrong. They're kept

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Very nice indeed! Haven't looked on desktop yet but the mobile site looks awesome!

I wasn't able to "request desktop site" from chrome mobile? So will have to wait until tomorrow to see it in its full glory.

I noticed the social icons in the footer didn't work.

Definitely makes monkey seem a more reputable entity!

I wonder, do we have thread pagination now???

Well done all involved :D

Posted 1+ years ago #10
Paul - Taiphoz

Chrome here windows 7 all is fine.

I don't see stars in the app's tho.

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The new design looks great!
Also a nice move to make the desktop target free.

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I'll find the new design rather confusing.

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While I really like it, and it's a big improvement, I have a few personal issues:

1) The narrow font is really really really hard for me to read. There's so much space available, I'm not sure why this choice was made. Such as the bullet points on the store page.

2) There's virtually no color contrast in some areas. And there are light fonts that are unreadable. Like on the store page. It says something below the titles, but I have to highlight it to read it. Also in the forum, where it says how old posts are.

Overall, it's very cool. I just don't understand the narrow, and very hard to read, fonts when so much space is available everywhere.

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Paul - Taiphoz

I was actually really surprised by the lack of colour and contrast even as I type this my font is hardly noticeable with this background, it really should be black font not gray.

I would also have given each of the forum icons full colour, at the moment the main forum page seems like a huge pale page nothing really stands out, it was a missed opportunity to really make each of the forums pop.

I also miss the links at the bottom of the front page, the apps stuff those links need to also be in the app section seems odd they are not.

Most of this is an easy css fix tho which is really cool because it means it wont be hard for them to tweak it.

its a really cool theme, and as I said in other places around the net tonight, its a massive improvement over what we had design wise, its just a shame we didnt get any new functionality.

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Looks awesome, but typo on the "store" page. ;)

Also I want forum avatars... :(

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I'm interested to know the reason to switch to commercial for HTML, and also include Desktop... for free (!). I thought the HTML only on the demo was more than enough to try out the language. Can someone give the reasoning? Just curious.

I think the new website does look more sleek and hip than the original.
I'd like the ability to set themes like the old page, is there a way to do this? I haven't seen it yet.
Well done devolonter and others involved !

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Woah! Looking nice. A full version of Monkey for HTML5 and Desktop imho is a fantastic idea.

Thanks, Devolonter

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Hi, the forums look GREAT on the iPad!
But-- when I go to the apps section, the games auto-play and bring the browser to a crawl. May want an option to show a screenshot/play on tap instead for mobile browsers.

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I don't understand why you would of given full desktop access to people, it's a good idea, but most of us paid for the full version so that we can get the other features outside of HTML5, and now I personally fill like I have wasted my money (like when MaxGUI went free) to get the full version. Now unless there is going to be something else available for use in the future that the free products wouldn't be given (like a GUI module).

Thanks, FBEpyon

Posted 1+ years ago #21

@FBEpyon: I have wasted my money (like when MaxGUI went free) to get the full version...

I bought Team Fortress 2 when it first came out, and now it's free to play. Should I ask for my money back?

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Awesome! Got a nice shock opening the site today! Great work everyone - I'm sure it will help drive new users to the product!!!

Posted 1+ years ago #23

Good changes! Hope things continue to improve.

I agree about the contrast not being high enough in some places.

The "ALL ACTIVE TOPICS" is now more difficult to read, because things are more spaced out than before without improvements to when things were last posted.

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Wow! I really like the new design !

Posted 1+ years ago #25

What a surprise!

Love the new design but I do have to voice (as others) my concerns... desktop for free? I'd have to agree that HTML5 only was a best option.

Also, letting the free users be able to post on the fora is my biggest concern. It was great that only paying customers can post - always worked so well for b3d/bmax and here, where the community is one of the best I've ever found. With this, be ready to fight spammers, newbies without a clue and all sorts of things that happens everywhere else, and it's annoying as hell. Please, please re-consider this.