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How do you create and use an icon for iOS?

I guess you have to alter the info.plist file.. but what path and file type?


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what worked for me, drop an icon.png with 57x57 px and a hq icon@... with 114x114px into xcode, it asks to add it, confirm
then goto your plist rightclick it, getinfo and somewhere down there is a point which asks for an icon, add there your icon.png (the 2x gets automatically choosen with retina devices)

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Thanks xzess - Ill have a go...

BTW what are retina devices?

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iPhone 4 has a retina display (twice the pixels of an iPhone 3GS). iPad sits somewhere in between and requires a 72px icon.

Also, keep in mind when creating your icon that you need a 512x512px version for when you add it to the App Store.

Here's a full list:

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With the 512x512 icon do you need to add it to you xcode project or do you use it when you add your app to the store?


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Just for the app store, really.

There are ways of adding it to the project to provide an icon for ad-hoc/beta test builds but it's not essential.