OpenAL32.dll download

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Do we have to download this? And do we have to download GLFW? I didn't see anything saying that? Is that in the docs?

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You have to download OpenAL, but not GLFW, since it is linked to the executable.

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What OpenAL file should we include when distributing a game with the GLFW target?

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Richard Betson

That is a problem. I'll look into it. Not sure ATM.

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You can't distribute OpenAL files. It will only work 50% on Vista and Windows 7, half of the hardware accelerated features will be broken. To have OpenAL fully working you MUST install it, so you can include oalinst.exe in your game installer, or have a link for the download to their website.
Most games run oalinst.exe in silent mode, which takes about 1 second to install it without any pestering dialogs. I think that is done by adding /Q to the commandline, so oalinst.exe /Q. I'm not sure if oalinst.exe detects if a newer version is installed, so you should also make sure to check what version of openal32.dll is already installed in your game installer, to avoid overwriting the users files with an older version.

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Why is it necessary to let the user install OpenAL on his machine, even if the application does not use sound?

Are there any further necessary DLLs, which might be on my computer, but not on the users?

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the setup comes with monkey too:

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Just to double check before I start my next set of AGameAWeek's... Am I OK to include the oalinst.exe with my games!?

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From the license "Creative Labs, Inc. is providing you with this OpenAL32.dll installer and other OpenAL files ("Software"). You may use and freely integrate with your software applications and distribute such throughout the world at no cost or further obligation to Creative."

That means yes.

I would include it in the zip or installer as a silent install.

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Which app installer tool would you guys be using to run the silent openal32.dll installer?

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I prefer

Your iss would look something like

Source: "C:\dev\installer\oalinst.exe"; DestDir: "{tmp}"; Flags: ignoreversion

; Install OpenAL
Filename: "{tmp}\oalinst.exe"; Flags: nowait; Parameters: "/s"

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Thanks all, will come in handy until we get a desktop target that doesn't require the dll.

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I found this missing file on After downloading check it with your anti-virus and place into right folder (it depends on your windows version system/windows32 for 32 bit and system/SySWoW64 for 64 bit). After this manipulations your software should work fine.

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SirShaun ^^^^^ BAD IDEA

You should use oalinst if at all possible.

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When i tried to launch the game (with launcher ,check update and language only) a windows open with this :

"Unable to start the program because it lacks OpenAL32.dll on your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

here is how i fix it, go to
and copy the file to game folder.

hope that helpful.

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For a more recent thread discussing the distribution of OpenAL, click here.

@Russellss, SirShaun, and anyone else intending to post links to discredited or unaffiliated sources:

Please DO NOT download files from untrusted sources, especially sketchy DLL hosting websites. This goes especially for executables and DLLs, which are the easiest point of entry to your system. Please download redistributables and other shared binaries from the official websites and/or sources associated with the product. This means you should either download the version shipped with/for Monkey, or the version available to download on OpenAL's website (
OpenAL 1.1 Windows Installer).

Shady DLL download websites should be avoided wherever possible, and this is no exception. The binaries you release with your product go to your customers, who trust that the software is not malicious. Do not distribute malware; plain and simple. Even if the version you get from a shady website is identical, the mindset is awful, and you could be breaking licensing agreements.

Follow the license(s) of the software you are using, this could mean you're perfectly fine distributing DLLs, or it could mean you're required to provide a sanctioned installer.

It's best to do things the right way, even if that's not the easiest option. No more nonsense.

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I should also add to ImmutablesOctet(SKNG) post you can download and build OpenAL-Soft, you can also get this from github and sourceforge. By all accounts it's faster than the original OpenAL 1.1.