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Hi Playniax,

I tested Bouldedash demo. Even when not colliding with the bombs (and thus trigger explosions) it stutters. I did a comparison with Phaser's javascript framework, specifically with some tile-based demos and it ran very smooth, makes me thing js and html5 are not the issue. Mobile performance (for a web related game) is the only reason I haven't bought Playniax (better say, use monkey for web; I already own a copy of it), thought It's my first choice if I ever do a device based game. If putting the update logic in the render method is the way of hacking (or overcoming) monkey's predefined game loop, I can give it a try. It just doesn't feel right not being able to manipulate something as critical as the game loop. It has its own conveniences not needing to, but I think adding this feature to monkey shouldn't be that much of a problem and it will give developers even more power.

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Ah, if I understand correctly you tested this in a browser? Not natively but from our website, Correct? (I can't imagine the boulderdash demo stuttering natively on an iPad 4th generation since it runs smooth on my 3rd gen).

From my little experience with HTML5 games in a browser on a tablet or mobile it can make a difference if the game runs in full screen or not and the demos on our website are not optimized for that in any way (probably a good idea to do so).

But I think the Monkey - HTML5 performance issues have something to do with WebGL not beeing supported.

Also not triggering the explosions will still call the New command because the main character replaces the tiles it runs over (need to change that to reusing the existing tile)

I forgot to mention that monkey has a flag called IOS_DISPLAY_LINK_ENABLED that enables VSYNC for iOS or setting update rate to 0 enables VSYNC for iOS and other devices so you don't need to call updates from the OnRender method. As I recall that was added later to monkey and I forgot all about it. So calling updates from render is actually bad practice :)

Btw, do you have a link of a Phaser's javascript framework demo that you used to compare?

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You're right. I tested it in the browser, not natively. About the link:

All examples

Tanks example (it runs on a tilemap)

Now, that demo doesn't have control keys for ipad and that sucks. You can wait until one the tanks collisions with your tank and make it glide very slowly (fast-easy way) or... upload the demo to a spare VPS you have, and make some in-game arrow buttons (just like the ones you have in one of your games, I liked that :) )

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I asked around on the matter and did some tests.
I seriously doubt that one on one Monkey VS Phaser has a speed difference on HTML5. As far as I can see the Tanks demo uses a tile sprite 800 x 600 in size(?), not tiles, where the Boulderdash demo draws tiny 32x32 tiles. From looking at the code anyway but I am not a Phaser user. The truth is that to be sure and test against other frameworks you need the exact same assets to be sure and HTML5 has always had issues with the number of draw calls. Add to that the poor performance of HTML5 with safari. Also I could not really find a Phaser demo that scrolls the tile maps so I can't compare it. Maybe there is one but I can't use keys ATM on my iPad. That said, for some reason the other tile demo (jungle) on our website performs much better than the Boudlerdash one so I need to know why that is exactly. Probably because the other demo is not having a full screen of tiles but using huge bitmaps for the background. One thing the Phaser framework probably has over Monkey in HTML5 is WebGL and the ability to cache the tiles to bigger images and draw them so that reduces the draw calls and speeds everything up. But to me WebGL seems to only do so much on HTML5, it helps but overall performance on mobile is very limited.

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Ignition X V2.05 now up!

• Added (experimental) TimelineFX support!
• Added a simple event handler
• Added the TreeList method to iGuiObject and iLayerObject (returns a list of parent objects).
• Added iShuffleStringArray:String().
• Added offsetX and offsetY to the LoadItems methods to shift (repetitive) level data.
• Fixed tile bug not adressing spacing when padding is used.

Download Ignition X or MonkeyXPro 81b + IgnitionX 2.05 at now!

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problem with 2,05 version when rebuilding help.
this may come from the change in the directories
now, in modules and bananas directory, there is not anymore an "playniax" subdirectory but a "Ignitionx" subdirectory...
this change explain why ted don't find the files when rebuilding like:
ignitionx.engine.iEngine : Can't find import module:
ignitionx.engine.iEngine : Can't find import module: playniax.ignitionx.framework.arrays
ignitionx.engine.iEngine : Can't find import module: playniax.ignitionx.framework.collisionlayer
ignitionx.engine.iEngine : Can't find import module: playniax.ignitionx.framework.contentmanager
ignitionx.engine.iEngine : Can't find import module: playniax.ignitionx.framework.font

please help


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Not only the doc is concerned

I just try to re-com^pile my game and problem:
Error : Type 'iBitmapFont' not found


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Hi playniax,

I did it and it's ok now !



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Yeah, we need to update our website!

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hi playniax

little "problem"
I reinstall ignition 2,05 after installing the new monkey V82b
all seems ok
BUT in the doc, the home page of ignition display as title "IGNITION X FOR MONKEY V2.04"
but it's supposed to be the 2,05..

normal or problem ?



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It looks like it is a typo. I forgot to update the number in the docs.
So should not be a real problem.


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OK playniax !
thanks !