Monkey X + Ignition X bundle!

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A Monkey + Ignition bundle is now available from the shop page! The bundle offers a 20% discount over buying the products individually.

Ignition is an excellent, high level framework for building 2D games and other interactive graphical applications in Monkey.

For more information on Ignition, please visit:


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Great deal! I highly endorse both products :)

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Great news to spread to other forums! :)

What about providing a special (time-limited) deal for Ludum Dare 31? Or Christmas deal?
Spread the word and generate some new members. ;)

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This is cool. I already own both and regarding Ignition, it is a gem to use.

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Good call -- great to see a collaborative marketing effort!

Reckon a "Monkey + JungleIDE" and "Monkey + JungleIDE + IgnitionX" ought to be added to the list. Not for me, but probably attractive to many 'proper' programmers!

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Maybe more generally, if more addon-developers like it and collaborate:
MX + 1 Addon product = X % discount
MX + 2 Addon products = X % discount
MX + 3 Addon products = X % discount

Anyway, Monkey X + Ignition X is a great cross-platform bundle.

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I'd like the business model of BRL to change to a yearly Subscription. $99 per anum for standard Monkey-X updates and if wanted $50 for optional beta access to target + monkey revisions.

Most importantly there is a need to become deaf to people who say a subscription model will not work and will not get many customers or that it is not in the spirit of BRL. Becoming deaf to the noise these people make is important but also understanding their noise is even more important. Why? These certain types of people have no appreciation or understanding in their minds the work needed to keep money-x and target updates going and it doesn't compute in their minds that there may be a high possibility that monkey-x will cease to exist because they nagged the crap out of BRL to keep things nice and free or at a low cost. It doesn't stop there as when it all ceases they will blame BRL for it and not their own actions.

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I think something low like $49 per year for access to updates would be a good move... I'd sign up, and I've had all of my Blitz/Monkey products for free since 1999 or so!

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What's the policy for obtaining future updates for IgnitionX? The registration code activates here ( but not at the ignition website (

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(Future) updates will be available from and!

You should be able to register at

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> What's the policy for obtaining future updates for IgnitionX? The registration code activates here ( but not at the ignition website (

It should do...I'll look into it ASAP.

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This is a great idea !

I've already bought Ignition-X and looking through documentation I will definitely use the framework once I'm done with my other project !

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@Playniax, @marksibly,

Thanks. Registered code at both sites now.

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@Amon: I have tried to answer your email from this morning but emails to you keep bouncing :(

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@Amon: I have tried to answer your email from this morning but emails to you keep bouncing :(

Sorry mate. I have been speaking with Namecheap Customer Service and they said certain systems of theirs are causing a propagation nightmare for customers who host their email and website with Namecheap. Just waiting on a reply now to see if the issue is fixed. If it is I've been told I'd still need to wait 24 to 48 hours before emails start filtering through.

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Not knocking Jungle but its windows only, if bundling products like this then all products need to be x-platform.

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What's not x-platform about Monkey-X and the ignition framework?

Jungle? Are you refering to the JungleIDE? If so then yes it is windows only....

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This is a good move. In a competitive environment, independent developers should collaborate on commercialization, when possible. More eyes on the package hopefully translates to increased sales.

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If we already own Ignition are we going to be able to register it here? It would be nice to get all updates here.

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If / when Monkey is ever published on Steam (as a game making tool it should be) could include things like this as DLC and have money saving bundles for buying everything cool together.

How about a BRL Patreon for the subscription thing? Any amount of extra money a month is nice and so is being able to somewhat rely on subscription continuity.

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I absolutely think that it should be on Steam. With games like Crypt of the Necrodancer and New Star Soccer, I think that helps proves its worth as a top notch, cross platform language.

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Agreed with those recommending steam. Times have changed and the pay once get updates forever business model is a guaranteed way to kill your product.

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I would be more than willing to pay a yearly licence fee for Monkey, especially for new features. New features are a must to survive.

I truely am having a good time using Monkey so I hope this product continues.

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The only thing Monkey is lacking to be perfect is a way to allow the programmer to define it's own game loop. As of know, even with Playniax super framework, tilemaps suffer from constant "stuttering" when scrolling in HTML5; it's not smooth at all on devices like smarthphones and tables. At least on my Ipad (4th gen), Playniax tile engine demo is not smooth. But it's not Playniax's fault. This is a long problem that has been discussed before that's embedded in Monkey's Update/Render loop.

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If you are sure your game can do all the updates and rendering in one frame refresh you can do your update stuff from the OnRender routine.
This gives the smoothest result on most devices because that is basically making use of the vsync and you are avoiding the stuttering that monkey OnUpdate can cause.
I am not sure what demos you tested, how many tiles you had on screen, the tile sizes and what resolution you are using but most of the demos run very smooth here.
But the number of tiles, the tile sizes the resolution, all are a limiting factor on speed.

For example, if you have a full HD screen, 1 tile layer and the tile size is just 16x16 you will have 8040 tiles update and render calls for you tiles alone.
So bigger tiles can help.

I might add that the Ignition demos are not optimized for mobile anyway.
The Bouldedash demo for example uses a few New commands in the game loop and the explosions are created on the fly (not from a pool) so that can add to the stuttering as well.

But as far as HTML5 goes, yeah that is slow.

So I am not sure it is the limitation of not defining your own game loop.