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Posted 1+ years ago #26

I still plan on adding it but the complexity of the language makes it hard to give a date. I would like to take the chance to rewrite lots of areas of current Monkey parser so it plays nicer with generics. Not sure when it'll be ready, but I won't be able to show anything usable until october more or less

Posted 4 months ago #27


I just have bought Monkey X Studio. It is 15.07.07-A.

For me it is not possible to update the die (Version 16.06.22-A).
The Product Key for Monkey X Studio is not accepted at

Can someone help?

Thank you very much.


Posted 4 months ago #28

Hello jensknaak,

In Monkey-x Studio, you do not need to register using username and activation code, but username and password from as the updates server is

So it sohuld be something like:

* username: jensknaack
* password: *********** <-- here your password.

Posted 4 months ago #29

Thats it.

Thank you very much!!