DirectX 9 target

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Posted 1+ years ago #26

Thanks Phil7! That means a lot to me :)

And just by accident I discovered at least another advantage into this target, compared to glfw: it can load 16 and 256 colors PNGs!

Now I just have to fix the debug mode compilation (don't know why, but it is spitting errors - I probably forgot to change something I did in the release mode), and implement the createImage, read/writepixel... and see if everything still works in the latest monkey releases :P

Edit: another advantage - I'm now using "MapVirtualKey" to translate the VK_ Codes from windows, so it should now be compatible with just about every keyboard layout supported by Windows ^_^

Posted 11 months ago #27

Just a small update... *just* got it working with latest Monkey, 87a.

Still loads of minor stuff to do on it, but its progress nonetheless :)