Appodeal - all ads in one module.

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hi @Xaron,

You are very welcome:) Bitter schön :) Looking for great results together.

Appodeal Inc

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Hehe, thanks Diana. Bitter schön is more like bitter sweat. :D So you mean bitteschön. ;)


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Thank you very much for the answer Diana.

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@Xaron ahaha, I used to learn Deutsch a long long time ago!
Hope you enjoy using Appodeal :)

@Ferdi you are very welcome.

Diana B.
Appodeal Inc

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Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I was wondering how Appodeal was performing for the guys that are using it?

What types of ads are you using?
How are they performing?
Are you happy with the service?

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@rikim: On Google Play it outperforms my ad networks I had before. In December I had an ECPM of $3.44 which is quite nice for Android. On January it was a little bit lower.

I also implemented it now in my iOS Apps. But it crashes when you're using it with Monkey. So you have to patch Monkey to fix this crash:

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@maverick69: What ads are you using: banners or interstitial? $3.44 quite nice indeed.

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I use mainly interstatial in most of my apps. In some apps I use also banners. I have not enough data to share with, but my first app updates are live with appodeal ads on ios and ecpm seems to be a lot highter than on Android ;)

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Thanks for the info Mavericks, nice eCPM, and sorry for the late reply.

Are you using the official module from the appodeal site?
I ask as it only seems to support Android, and the iOS version is greyed out when you choose Monkey from here:

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Appodeal Wrapper:

Use it with fairlight, here ist the AdProvider if you'd like to:


I use monkey-wizard ( to add it to my xcode projecte generated by monkey using:
monkey-wizard IosAppodeal XCODE_PROJECT_FOLDER