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I'm wondering, if it's possible to develop for XBOX One with XNA target tools?

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Nope. XNA was only for XBox 360, and it's now unsupported by Microsoft.

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Hey Mark if you read this, are there any plans at all for supporting XB1 with Monkey2/Mojo2?

I think with XB1/Windows 10, the unified apps and all the devices it will run on that it would be something to seriously look at.

*crosses fingers...*

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I've got a XOne devkit here, if it helps in any way... (still didn't activate it, but its sitting right in front of me!)

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I've got a XOne devkit here, if it helps in any way... (still didn't activate it, but its sitting right in front of me!)

How did you bag that if you aren't actively developing a title for it?

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Yeah that would be correct skid (UWA Target) - and please keep us updated when you know more! :)

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How is the Win10 messing going skid?

Any good news to report? :)

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I had WIndows10 IOT running some basic C++ tests. I think this will be relatively pain free for an SDL2 based project but reality looks like for Microsoft things are DX not GL.

If the angleproject sorts out compatibility with such targets then hopefully the GLFW/Angle monkey-x target will be usable.

That is WIndows10-InternetOfThings not Windows10-XBox

So none the wiser at this point, hopefully Windows 10 is Windows 10 on some basic level...

Oh and I am hopefully attending 2 hour seminar on publishing for xbox tomorrow at NZGDC.


This looks hopeful:

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IoT!?! Hate buzz words!!

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I thought it was as easy of using SDL only and that this was possible in the near future: Monkey2 > SDL > Direct3D > XBOX One

Reading this:
3D graphics:
SDL can be used in combination with the OpenGL API or Direct3D API for 3D graphics

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Did you manage to attend NZGDC skid?

If so, is it looking good for a Monkey XB1 target? *crosses fingers*

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Yes I did. Microsoft will be rolling things out very slowly. The dashboard in xBoxOne will be upgraded from Windows8 to Windows10 before the end of the year. However the second "partition" that games run in won't be upgraded until sometime next year.

Access to XBoxLive features from Windows 10 won't be possibly until next year.

This mean that before the end of the year ID@xbox will be able to self publish apps but not games which won't be happening until next year.

After never being able to download XNA games in New Zealand ever the guy did not understand my question about when as a consumer I would be able to play games that released by ID@Xbox developers. After repeating myself 3 times it seemed he honestly did not know or understand why I would be interested in actually playing said games, so yeh, nah...

To qualify for ID@XBOX you need to be worthy of two free development units so yeh, nah...

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So that's a nah, yeah? :)

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Hi guys,

So this is an old thread, but I'm interested in buying an XBox One S anyway, and was wondering if there's been any progress on this, since MS have made some changes in dev environments. It seems you register and get a Dev Mode Activation app (Xbox One Dev Mode) you can use on your own Xbox One, so this sounds promising. You can at least then deploy your game on your own Xbox and only once you want to publish it, you then register with ID@Xbox.

Saying that, I'm not well versed with how you could take a Monkey-X game's generated C++ code via VS and make it work on the Xbox One due to the DirectX and OpenGL differences. Is there something that can convert from one to the other? The SDL information linked above by GC-Martijn doesn't seem to mention Xbox support...

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I think the WinRT targets are the ones that will need to be modified.

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Yup. I never got to it, but the WP target is very close (at least the initialization part - the only thing I compared) to the samples from the devkit.

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I emailed Mark about this after skids last reply to me (the "yeah, nah" one) to see if it was something that may be possible in Monkey2 now that you can use your own retail XB1 in "dev mode" to develop on.

Sadly the answer was it was a no simply due to manpower and the time needed to support it.

It's such a shame as I would absolutely love XB1 support in either Monkey1 or Monkey2, and it's something that I think would help elevate and advertise Monkey as a legitimate environment / language to the entire indie scene which would only benefit him in the long run with a larger community, more sales etc.

One can dream... :)