Puzzle games such as Captain Backwater are highly popular on all types of devices - desktop, tablet and phone. Write your game once and let Monkey do the hard work of converting your game for you.


Simulation games, such as New Star Soccer, are often highly data driven. Monkey has a wide range of collection types to help your games store all the vital stats.


For fast, skill based arcade games such as Surviball, Monkey provides automatic syncing of rendering updates with your update logic, so your game is silky smooth on all targets.


All good shoot-em-ups need LOTS of particles. Monkey throws around particles with ease - as Mini Bullet Candy wonderfully demonstrates.


Racing game such as Battletrack often have multiple cars racing at once. Monkey makes it easy to write those tricky AI routines.


Sport games such as 8-Ball are often best played with friends - with Monkey, both local and online multiplayer games are possible.


Platform games rely on smooth updating of huge tilemaps to create the illusion of moving through a game world. With Monkey, tilemap based games are easy to create.


Recreate your favourite classic games such as Snake with Monkey and present them to an audience of millions of new players via the hundreds of distribution opportunities opened up by Monkey.